Our services
Mass payouts
Our service is suitable for businesses that need to make high volume payments to recipients in multiple destinations. It gives you significant savings in processing time and reduces your transaction costs.

Same currency bulk payouts worldwide.
You transfer one amount to TT Express, and we effect multiple payments in the same currency to your recipients.

Bulk payouts in your recipient’s local currency
You transfer one amount to us in your currency, and we distribute multiple payments to your recipients in their local currencies.
USD check cashing
To deposit a paper check outside the United States of America (USA) became a great challenge for many people in Europe. Since most of the banks have stopped accepting U.S. dollar paper checks in Europe. Thus, people who have received tax refund, economic stimulus, insurance or any other USD checks do not have a possibility to deposit them in most of the European countries.

Therefore, with the partnership of Payoneer, Inc. we have developed a tool where individual will be able to register Online and submit their checks for a deposit not traveling cross borders and receiving their money in the most convenient, safe and timely manner.

For more information and registration please visit: www.ustaxcollect.com
International Collection of Funds
This service is suitable for anyone who needs to collect funds from clients and partners in a number of different countries. We offer to collect your funds to our local bank accounts in the country of your payer.

International receipt of funds localizes your receivables. We have bank accounts with tens of different banks all over Europe where your customers can make a local interbank payment for your benefit and we will immediately transfer the money collected to your main bank account.


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